72 hours later. Three new characters join the story. 


We are no longer alone.

Are they here for our salvation or annihilation?

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'The best book I have read since THE MARTIAN'

- Mary Mcintyre, Astronomer 

'The best  fiction series opener I have  picked up since reading Game of Thrones' 

- Actor Jason Flemyng'

When 200 alien objects, each the size of a city, arrive all over the planet, the world’s population goes into a panic. Yet once the ships land, there is no invasion, no communication, no aliens, nor any obvious access inside the vast vessels.  While the world's governments and it's scientific community struggle to find answers, a small number of ordinary individuals manage to gain entry inside the ships. As speculation about the crafts possible intentions begins to seep into the public consciousness, those in power fear their presence may substantially change the social dynamics of the world as we know it. So the seeds are sown for a conflict which will divide the destiny of humanity forever. Told from the point of view of seven different people from across the world, all of whom are asking the same question - Do the ships represent a chance for the salvation of the human race or its annihilation?


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