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Spoiler Warning – In each character synopsis there is a little more detail about their individual plot lines.

If you wish to know nothing before reading the book, then do read this section.


Main Character perspectives Book One


In Nevada, The United States of America


Diane Morrow is a single mother driving across Nevada with her two young children heading to her

brother’s in Lake Tahoe. When her car breaks down coinciding with the arrival of one of the alien vessels,

proceeds to land right on top of her. Diana discovers that the lower surface of the ship is covered in

diamonds, some of which she is able to retrieve. She and her children are rescued by two

UFO enthusiasts just as the ship begins to lower itself onto the earth. However, while making their escape their car flips over and following the accident she awakens to find herself separated from her children. Caught between a mass movement of civilians seeking access to the landing site and the American military who are determined to keep them out she desperately tries to find a way to be reunited with her son and daughter - forgetting all about the valuable stones she retrieved from the skin of the ship.


In the United Kingdom


In Aberdeen, Scotland -

Blessing Amoya, is a single Nigerian immigrant and devout Christian who has recently been relocated to Aberdeen in Scotland by the local authorities. Finding herself sitting on a bus struggling with her feelings of loneliness and isolation she witnesses one of the diamond-shaped alien vessels arriving across the North Sea. When the ship begins to land just beyond the city, her bus driver Elvis, decides he is going to investigate. Blessing is among the small group that includes a pensioner and two students who agree to go with him. Its only later they ascertain the pensioner who has tagged along with them is related to someone rather important.


In London -  

Ryan Wallace, a cocaine-addicted Conservative politician, who has little interest in his job or career advancement, finds himself thrust into the unwanted role of the country's leader when the Prime Minister of the UK is killed in a terrorist attack on the day of the alien incursion. More concerned with keeping the identity of his transsexual girlfriend Candice a secret rather than deal with the current crisis. His personal problems are further exasperated when he discovers his own grandmother is missing and was last seen gallivanting on the surface of the ship in Scotland in a bus accompanied by an immigrant and an Elvis impersonator. Surrounded by people in the cabinet who are determined to take his job out from under him, he finds an unlikely ally in army commander General Spears, but does the general have his own dangerous hidden agenda?


Candice Alvares, is a Brazilian Transsexual Escort and small time drug dealer living in London who recently found herself becoming emotionally attached to one of her most valued clients, Ryan Wallace. When Ryan abruptly becomes Prime Minister and is forced to disconnect their relationship, Candice finds herself deserted in a city rapidly falling into a state of Social disorder. Candice attempts to seek refuge at her friends in East London only to be attacked by her Uber Driver who gets more than he bargains for. Befriending a tourist she finds safety at his flat but when she drunkenly posts compromising pictures of Ryan on line, she quickly learns she has put the lives of both herself and her friends in extreme danger.


In France -

Tariq Muhmood, a Parisian of Moroccan descent, is disillusioned with the country that his Grandfather fought for in the Second World War which ultimately went on to cut his pension and abandon him. Disillusioned with the west Tariq is now the leader of a terrorist cell which has just performed one of the most successful terrorist attacks since 9/11 by downing the plane of the British Prime Minister, killing him and several members of the cabinet while returning from an anti-terrorism conference in Paris. Tariq only becomes aware that his attack coincided with the ships arrival until later on. Finding himself hunted by the world’s security forces he discovers that someone else has been funding his group to further advance their own plans. He is determined to find out who and why.


In Chad, Africa


Omari Fakim is a Camel Caravan Trader from the remote desert wastes of Chad in his last years of a dying profession. Returning home after being away from his family for many months, he witnesses one of the ships landing just outside his home town of Fada. Upon reaching the edges of the object he is surprised to discover water and vegetation growing around the vessel. Exploring the surface, he discovers a way inside and uncovers an incredible secret. He quickly returns home only to discover his daughter Joy being abused resulting in him killing his half-brother Attah. When the Chadian military arrive to secure the site, Omari must risk everything to save not only the life of his daughter but also thirty other orphaned children. There is only one problem - Colonel Malloum, the man in charge of securing the ship is determined to stop him.


Joy Fakim is the daughter of Omari, anxiously awaiting the return of her father from his travels. While working with the younger orphaned children in Fada she discovers that the foreign teacher Dennis, may in fact be responsible for the disappearance of several missing youngsters whom she believes to have been trafficked. When the arrival of the ship landing outside Fada coincides with the return of her father the two of them plot to ensure the escape of the remaining children. Her father reveals the safest place for them may well be inside the ship, but both Dennis and the Chadian army are determined to pursue them. Joy discovers not only has her father already been inside the strange object but one of the orphan boys, Little Ubba also found a way in the previous day. Joy is among the very first to discover the ship will not only provide them with a place of sanctuary but its arrival may also be about to change the entire destiny of the human race.


Preview Character (Appears in book two) 


In the United States of America  


Towers Dyson is an American Special Forces security advisor who is charged with securing the Nevada landing site and first appears in Diana’s timeline, appearing as a main character later. When dozens of civilians are accidentally in a confrontation with the army he is called back to Washington. Against Dyson’s advice, the American president begins to shut down social media when a student begins uploading videos from inside one of the vessels, undermining American security. His loyalty to his country is severely tested when his wife is diagnosed with incurable cancer and he realises the alien ships may hold a cure.

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