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The Major Supporting Characters

In each of the main character timelines we come to know the people they interact with on a daily basis as well as the individuals they come into contact with as their own stories unfold. Not all of the supporting characters are listed here, just those which appear with some frequency in the first book. Some of these supporting characters may well be key players in the major story arc for the entire series while others are very much red herrings and less vital to the overall plot.

In The United Kingdom

Blessings Timeline (Aberdeen, Scotland)

Richard ‘Elvis’ Simpson - A part time Elvis impersonator and full time bus driver whom Blessing meets on day the ships arrive. Born and raised in Aberdeen he has never left Scotland in his life and is now in his late forties. He is tall and a heavy smoker. Just prior to the ships arrival he has just been told he has lung cancer and has only three months to live.

Agatha Davey - an elderly lady on the bus with Blessing in her late eighties. Subsequently turns out to be the grandmother of one of the main characters in the story. She gains national fame when it is suspected that she has gained access inside the ship in Scotland.

Rain Cameron – A strikingly attractive mixed raced girl in her late twenties with pink tattoos and five feet seven tall. She recently returned from a career in the adult film industry in California. Rain is originally from Scotland and has come back to see her family while deciding what to do with her career. A Science Fiction Fan, she is also a biker and an active member of the SSUKSOB (The Star Trek U K Society of Bikers)

Ryan’s Timeline (London / Scotland)

Jennifer Brewster-Smith (PA to Ryan, assigned to him on the first day) Vegetarian, of Afro-Caribbean mixed heritage whom Ryan immediately has a crush on.  Her boyfriend Jermaine, is a British Police officer with the Armed Response Unit assigned to Westminster. Initially completely unimpressed with Ryan’s attitude she grows to admire him as time goes on.

Darren Fine – At barely five feet two inches tall he is the extremely short Head of Communications and PR to the Cabinet. Fine is not a fan of Ryan and he isn’t afraid to show it, going to great lengths to undermine him wherever possible.

General Morris Spears – The Head of the British Armed Forces and something of a tall Silverfox of a man, Spears is as professional as he is ruthless. In addition to being responsible for deploying the British military he is also determined to ensure that Ryan stays the course through the current crisis, he finds himself very much in a role of keeping him on point in his new role as PM.

Sir Derrick Winston – London Police Commissioner. Winston was due to attend the anti-terrorist conference in Paris but was unable to do so because of food poisoning. An event which ultimately saved his life.  

Basil Badgers MP – The Foreign Secretary. A character unashamedly based on Boris Johnson, the flapping Basil Badgers is all but useless in the panicking UK when the ships arrive.

Julie Compston – Head of MI5, British Intelligence. Rumoured to be gay but married to an affluent retired banker from Lloyds of London, Compston is not best pleased at Ryan’s sudden advancement in politics.  

Charles Gordon – Head Consulate of the British Embassy in Paris and Ambassador to France he finds he has his hands full when a British Government plane is shot down by Terrorists as it takes off from Charles De Gaulle Airport.

The First Sea Lord, Admiral Alun Flemyng – The tall ginger haired Admiral is in charge of the all naval forces for the United Kingdom. A rival to General Spears the two men have an equal level of power within the government. Flemyng is a patriot.

Willis - Security detail, allocated to Ryan. Ex SAS, he is assigned to Ryan as a bodyguard. He says very little and is extremely good at his job.

Dilks - Security detail, allocated to Ryan. He is ex-army, has two children both of whom live with his sister since his wife died of cancer.

Doctor Helen Jacobs – Is the leader of the Science Team at the Scotland site. A charismatic no nonsense short woman with fiery red hair she is dedicated to finding answers to the most important alien question.  

David Jackson MP – British Prime Minister who is attending an anti-terrorism conference in Paris when the ships arrive. Jackson went to University with Ryan Wallace and the two of them have been close friends for many years.

Candice’s Timeline (London)

Pearl – Candice’s oldest friend in London. Pearl is a DJ on the Hoxton club and bar scene. She has a proliferation for always speaking her mind and rolling really good spiffs. She lives in Walthamstow with her long term girlfriend, Joanne.

Alphonse – A half Italian, half Dutch man living in Stratford, who works in advertising. He befriends Candice when she is unable to reach Pearls house on the night of the ships arrival.

The Cigarette Man – The mysterious stranger who offers Candice a cigarette on a bench on Canary Wharf. It turns out their meeting is no coincidence but who is he working for?

In France 

Malik Masood – childhood friend to Tariq from the Paris ghettos. He is also his main business associate running a quantity of small arms to gangs on the Parisian housing estates. He is not connected to Tariq’s other activities but suspects he has sympathies towards the Isis cause.

Salim – Second generation Tunisian descent terrorist, and member of Malik’s Parisian cell.

Mudatar – Third generation of Moroccan descent terrorist and member of Malik’s Parisian cell.

A’ – Anna, Tariq’s love interest. A Muslim woman of Moroccan descent. Anna is a Nurse who works in Paris and is a relation of Salim and introduced Salim to Tariq.



In the United States of America

Jules Morrow – Aged eleven years of age, Jules is Diana’s first child from a relationship she had in her twenties. Jules is extremely intelligent and bright but more withdrawn and finds it hard to connect and form relationships with others.

Jack Morrow – Aged 6, the son of Diana, from a different man, than Jules. He is extremely active and inquisitive.

Danny Morrow – Diana’s younger brother, he is twenty eight years of age and runs a writers and yoga retreat in the small town of Truckee, just past Reno near Lake Tahoe.

Craig Connors – Craig is something of a social misfit. Attractive with something of the look of an older Jamie Dornan he is certainly very easy on the eye. An internet hacker and blogger in this thirties, who becomes attracted to Diana.

Owen Phillips – The younger and somewhat more overweight friend of Craig, and also a blogger and a hacker, he runs various websites to uncover the truth about government activities.

Jackson Bryce – At forty years of age Bryce now works for the United States Military and is charged with investigating the Nevada landing, under the watchful eye of his boss, Towers Dyson. He is a muscular well put together African-American man who has been in the military all his life and served in Special Forces. Extremely ambitious, he is a highly dangerous individual who will stop at nothing not succeed in the task allocated to him.

In Fada, Chad, Africa

Nya Fakim – Omari’s oldest daughter who is married to an officer in the Chad military. She left Fada some two years prior to the story commencing but is mentioned on numerous occasions. We can expect to see more of her later in the series.

Uncle Attah – Omari’s Uncle in the town of Fada whom Omari suspects is having sex with local prostitutes but actually has designs on his youngest daughter, Joy. Attah is part of a sex trafficking ring in Chad which prays on the orphaned children of the African Aids epidemic.

Little Ubba – A resourceful orphan boy who has survived in the town with no parents for a number of years by stealing. He is the first person to notice children have been going missing and also claims to have been inside the alien vessel shortly after it lands.

Doctor Aziz – The Doctor at the Fada army barracks who also acts as the town’s dentist. An extremely kind man in his fifties, he is well liked by the locals.

Dennis Chorely – The South African school teacher who took over running the orphanage in Fada two years ago. He is friends with Attah, Omari’s half-brother and is rumoured to have business connections between them.

Tabitha – An orphan infant who is found by Joy Fakim to have been imprisoned by her uncle Attah.

Martin – One of the older boys in the orphanage at fourteen years of age and a friend of Joy Fakim.

Jodie – One of the older girls in the orphanage at thirteen and friend to Joy Fakim.

Colonel Malloum – A Colonel in the Chad army from the Capital who married Nya Fakim when he was stationed in Fada two years earlier and has returned there to secure the alien landing site.

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